Met with Prime Minister

Nepal PM to raise issue of illegal land encroachment with India

Telegraph Weekly


The members of the Border Awareness Campaign (BAC) met with the Prime Minister of Nepal Mr. Pushpa Kamal Dahal on Saturday, September 13, 2008, at the PM’s official residence in Baluatar Kathmandu.


The members of the said campaign on the eve of the PM’s trip to India advised the Prime Minister on the issues of Unequal Treaty Peace and Friendship signed in 1950 with India, and also apprised the Prime Minister of the illegal occupation of Nepali lands by India in various parts of the country, say reports.


President Mr. Chetendra Jung Himali, Secretary Phanindra Nepal, members Buddhi Narayan Shrestha, Dr. Surendra K.C. and Mr. Gopal Gurung demanded that the treaty of 1950 should be abrogated and new equal treaty must be replaced by a new one that took care of Nepal’s genuine national interests.


On the issues concerning Nepali lands occupied by India in the Kalapani and Susta area, the team advised the prime minister to put forward Nepali claims strongly as the Nepal side possesses adequate and authentic proofs in the form of maps that the lands occupied by India rightfully belonged to Nepal, said Mr. Surendra K.C talking to


Nepal’s Prime Minister Dahal looked very positive towards the genuine issues raised by the Border Awareness Campaign and assured the visiting members that he will raise the issue of illegal occupation of Nepali lands strongly with his counterpart while in New Delhi.


Prime Minister Dahal is heading to New Delhi today, September 14, 2008, for a five day visit.

2008-09-14 08:58:08


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