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  1. when i read this artical , i feel the complexity of the situation that could be very hard to analyse how it is going in the boarder side even though your report has opened too many facts .as u say more than 50% of the criminal activities could be controlled ,if both government work together to sort it out .
    but my mind stop working when i ask myself ,why didn’t they do that then.and then i thought if these things comes up india will have to show the real boarder line which in fact they have captured by forcing .all these things which they dont wanna flash out and again i thought of the solution either nepal have to give up those land which obviously we can,t ,rather i would say we need to get each and every penny of the that land leased for till now with interest and other option was ask india to cooperate in a fair way which they will not ,cause our country is too weak at the moment and third solution was fight back through international source which may be very harmful if they enter to our country and start messing up with government. but this could be controlled if we comes up with very strict contracts with international forces of what they can do or can not do.
    so i feel third solution might work as per my analysis.
    note: this is just my thinking ,i haven’t done any researched.i am saying it on the basis of present situation which i know .


  2. i think its not a big matter, becouse when both goverments debet on bordar problem truthly,


  3. Yes, you are correct. Border business is the common to both the governments. The most important matter is to sit on the same table and solve the problems amicably.


  4. The most important thing is to talk to each other to resolve the outstanding issues.


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