Grave President : Restless Leaders

Grave President : Restless Political Leaders

President Dr. Ram Baran Yadav is grave on the political deadlock. But the political leaders are restless. They are making quarrels each other. Some of them say, I am the superior to all leaders. At the same time some other leader spells: no, he isn’t but I am superior to him. Nobody knows who is the supreme leader of Nepal that leads the country for overall development. The leader is neither capable to win the mind of the other leaders nor to provide faith to the other leader. They don’t have the capacity to drive the nation. It is due to the fact that they have temptation and greediness for their personal benefit and wellbeing. So the Constitutional Assembly (CA) died pre-maturely without promulgating the Constitution.

Political party leaders of Nepal heaping blame each other for the demise of the Constitution Assembly. The ruling parties have been blaming to other parties for the demise of the Constitution Assembly. It has spread bitterness and pessimism in the society that may weaken the norms and values of the state and state mechanism. It’s really the failure to draft a new constitution and it is a matter of national pain. The people would not forgive the leaders, if they are not united in a consensus manner to seek ways and means to complete the remaining tasks of constitution writing.

It shows that political parties have failed to draft the constitution because they wasted time on forming and dissolving the government during the tenure of the Constitution Assembly for the last four years. Chairman of the CA is also responsible for not promulgating the constitution. He conveyed 17 times to elect a Prime Minister. But it was only a futile effort. The precious time was wasted due to the incapability of the Chairman of CA. It seemed as he was not a capable Chairman that he did not conduct the meeting of the last day of the CA, though he himself had called the meeting. He should manage to conduct the last meeting to end the tenure of the CA formally even on the eleventh hour. But the CA was made dead one and half hours before its actual life.

Failure of the Constitution Assembly has degraded the prestige of the country among the community of nations as the elections of the constitution writing body was held with the support of the general people. The leaders have failed to seek a way out to complete the remaining issues to be solved. It is due to the divergent opinion of the leaders and lack of the faithful and supreme leader of the nation. As a result Nepal has been a motionless state in the present circumstance.

In such a situation President Dr. Yadav called all 32 chiefs of the political parties represented in the former Constitution Assemble to his office on the 17th of June 2012. He asked them to forge consensus to end the current political and constitutional crises. Inviting leaders to his residence, the President said there is no other option but to seek mutual co-operation and consensus among political parties to pull the nation out of the present crisis.

At the same time the President warned the political leadership to take immediate decision to seek a way out of the present constitutional and political deadlock. He emphasized that the political parties must be ready to protect and preserve the achievements and the movements since the 1990 movement based on which democracy was restored in the country.

The President told the leaders frankly ‘I urge you all to show higher level of wisdom and consensus, and remind you that there is no alternative to showing goodwill and forging consensus. I expect you to take immediate initiative to find solution to the stalled political process.’

It was really a clear message from the President that if the major parties failed to seek consensus, he may have to seek solutions. The President had called the meeting of the political parties after a series of consultations with people from different walks of life following the expiry of the Constitutional Assembly.

Prime Minister Baburam Bhattarai and top leaders Pushpa Kamal Dahal, Sushil Koirala, Jhala Nath Khanal, Madhav Kumar Nepal, Vijaya Kumar Gachhadar among other leaders attended the informal meeting hosted by the President. The leaders did not say anything but listened to the Head of the State.

There is a general thinking of the common people that almost all the political leaders who had have powers are corrupt in one and another way. When they hold power, they transfer the civil and police service personnel in an advantageous ministries, lucrative departments and offices. Those personnel who are not in favour of indecent work, they have been transferred to remote areas even two to three times within a period of one year. This is really a mysterious activity. The media has written time and often that the ministers expect and intent extra money from the development project Managers.

Conscious local people say the leaders have also made the people corrupt. When the general election comes closer, the leaders distribute various verbal assurances visiting door to door. The local people also expect such assurances for the individual benefit from the leaders. On the other hand, the leaders and their agents use to distribute some money to the innocent voters before the polling day, with a secret channel binding them to stamp on the said symbol of the ballot paper. Next day or the polling day, the agents of the leaders throw a big fest slaughtering buffalos, goats, boars and chickens with drink. It’s free and free for those who stamp on the ballot paper said symbol. The innocent and ignorant but paid voters ask ‘Master, on which symbol I have to make a stamp?’ In this sense, the people are also corrupt. The leaders make the general people corrupt.

The political situation and environment is grave and fragile in Nepal. If the leaders are not dedicated for the overall development of the nation to upgrade the economic condition of the general people, there may be another revolt from the grass-root level. And the present leaders will be thrown away and they will never come again to power. The time has come to hand over the power to the new and emerging dynamic youth leaders who will be devoted their lives for the upliftment of the nation.

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  1. First part
    Personally in this case, i found the main problem is in intention of our stupid politicians.i don’t know why is it so important for them to be that cheap human being .i have been hoping constitution will be made this time because babu ram bhattarai was in power with so solid background and image from the past and situation was also getting better . Now i am feeling him the same stupid politicians as others . i don’t have any hope from these old politicians now . i believe they should leave and take rest which is practically not possible . what really kills me is, they are wasting the time . i know one day its ganna be better country where people ganna have a better life with better opportunities .they have wasted 4 years of around 3 crores nepalese time .if all those years and money that those idiots had taken , was put in the welfare of the people and all of us (3 crores nepalese) had worked together we could have clean whole nepal . it is just an example and i believe better the country better for those politicians as well .why cant they understand that . They can also have BMWs or most expensive facilities of the world , if they make the country situation better, if not then our ,their next generation will.

    second part

    why are we like a sheep . why can’t we stop them from doing this .why aren’t we able to make them or compel them to make it . i know from different aspect like media,human right ,youth almost most of the people, they tried from road and assemblies and many others . But this situation proves that we are not taking right path or right tragedy to compel them .we are the creator of those idiots.i feel like blame goes to me, you, us who made them like that .so when i blame them sometimes i feel like i should blame myself to put those idiots on the chair and allowing them to do whatever they like .

    As a conclusion ,i would like to say its time to wake up .i am waking up emotional and logically as well.i hope others have the same feeling as mine .we need to get together to make our country ourselves .lets not live in a clouds .let make a our life clear .last but not the least-“JEETNU BHANDA THULO HAR NAMANNU HO”.JAI NEPAL


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