Condition of Nepal-India Boundary Pillar

Condition of Nepal-India Boundary Pillar

There are 8,553 boundary pillars, subsidiary and minor pillars marked on the strip maps along the Nepal-India boundary line. Among them, 5,276 pillars had been established on the ground and 3,277 pillars have been still remained to be constructed.  Among the constructed pillars, 499 have been washed away by the rivers. Besides, 202 pillars have been vandalized, missing and pulled out. They are no more above the ground. In addition, 684 pillars need repair and maintenance and 189 are seriously damaged in dilapidated condition.

Boundary Pillar 565

Boundary pillar number 565, located near to the Bagah village of Purusottam Village Development Committee (VDC) of Kapilbastu District of Nepal and Naugarh of Siddharthanagar India is in dilapidated condition. This pillar is located at one kilometer east of Bagahi Police Station of Nepal. Plaster on the pillar has been broken and the bricks have been about to fall down. This pillar may be out of its existence in a very near future. This is the representative dilapidated pillar along Nepal-India border line. Nobody has cared this type of wrecked pillar.

There are 21 Indian Sashastra Sena Bal (SSB) and 4 Nepal Armed Police on average in one kilometer of distance along the Indo-Nepal border line. It is commendable that boundary pillars are common asset of both the countries. But both the sides have not taken interest to repair the border pillar number of 565 located between Kapilbastu District of Nepal and Siddharthanagar of India.

Chief District officer (CDO) of Nepal and District Magistrate (DM) of India must take interest jointly to repair and maintain this type of dilapidated boundary pillars. Head of the governments must take interest on this matter and instruction should be given to the local authorities on time. If this type of dilapidated pillar is not repaired on time, there may have disputes, claims and counter-claims from both the frontiers, after the non-existence of this pillar.    ♣

6 Responses

  1. Buddhi sir, you write several articles, news & views to aware our people and leaders. People can realize, respect your views and accept the reality by heart. Unfortunately the authority is blind………..!! Keep awaking all the way sir.
    I AM a Good FAN of You.


  2. Thank you so much. I am trying to open the ears of political leaders.


  3. Sir, please write an article on the subject of enchorachment on No mans land between indo nepal border.


  4. I shall try later on. Thank you for your suggestion.


  5. Sir what is the meaning of pp write on the piller I.e 148/1(32)(PP)


  6. So far as I understand that PP means permanent pillar. Thank you. Please correct me, if I am wrong.


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