Book Handing Over and Felicitation Program-2013



Book Handover and Felicitation Program- 2070 BS



Buddhi N Shrestha


         Half Jacket



            I had an opportunity to be the Chief Guest in a function organized during the 30th Anniversary of Everest English School, Bhaktapur on 17 June 2013. I had to make a speech in a capacity of the chief guest of the program.


            I started to speak: First of all I would like to thank the organizer of the 30th Anniversary of the Everest English School for providing me an opportunity to be the chief guest of the program. This function has been a mixing of four elements i. e.


  • 30th Anniversary of Everest English School.
  • Felicitation to the learned writer and author of National Anthem of Nepal Byakul Maila alias Pradeep Kumar Rai.
  • Handing over the 20 packages of books to the Chandreswori Higher Secondary School, Gothatar VDC of Ramechhap district.
  • Release of CD Album authored by Byakul Maila, author of the National Anthem of Nepal.




            I said, Everest English School established 30 years ago has flashed tens of thousands ‘Light of Education.’ The School has produced thousands of students and it has contributed for the development of quality education in Nepal. May the School produce more and more qualified students, who could serve the nation in an efficient manner. I earnestly congratulate the Founder Principal Bhakta Rajbhandari, Vice-Principal Ms. Kamala Devi Rajbhandari and team of teachers.


            I presented Letter of Felicitation (brass plaque with wooden frame) on behalf of Everest English School, to Byakul Maila in recognition of his remarkable contribution made for the preservation of sovereignty, independence, integrity and culture of the nation. I am really delighted to present the Felicitation Letter as honour to the renowned national writer Byakul Maila. As I know, he is an eminent person but very simple, soft spoken with high thinking. He always says-  I am not a great man; wherever I am, I feel okay on that very level. I think, this is his greatness and it has increased his height and glory.






            I know he has been felicitated by many organizations, institutions and government offices from different parts of the country i.e. from Himal-Pahad-Maidan. The government has provided him honour, but he should have been provided some physical facilities, as it is expected from the civic society for him. However, the Nepali people have provided him a great respect and dignity from different walks of life. In this respect, I wish him all success in his life to contribute more for the nation.


            I was also lucky to present Letter of Felicitation to Dil Bhakta Koju, as he is the representative of the guardians of the School children, on behalf of the School. Koju, as I know, is a man of positive thinking and he is simple and amicable. He has helped the School in his capacity.






            I also presented a Certificate of Appreciation with cash prize to Ms. Kushum Pulami Magar, topper student of Chandreswori Higher Secondary School, on behalf of  Everest English School.


            I was also fortunate to release the CD Album authored by Byakul Maila, the author of National Anthem. The title of the CD is ‘Khoji Hera Desko Mato (Keep on Searching Soil of the Nation).’ The music is provided by Gopal Adhikari. There are eight songs in the CD Album. The singers are Krishna Bhakta Rai, Shambhu Rai, Ms. Nisha Deshar, Deepak Limbu, Shishir Yogi, Udaya Sotang and Ms. Shreyeshi Chemjong. The text of the songs in CD is full of patriotism and nationalistic expression.



       I congratulate Byakul Maila for writing all those songs. The music and voices of the singers is ear pleasing and the rhythm is spontaneous. Cover of the CD has depicted the photo of boundary Pillar (Junge Khamba) of Nepal. I am happy to see the picture of Junge Khamba in Byakul Maila’s CD cover. Because I am engaged in the study and research of the border issues of Nepal with India and China and I have visited to this type of Junge Khamba in so many places so many times. I have included the picture of the Pillar also in my book, especially entitled ‘Boundary of Nepal’ which won the prestigious Madan Puraskar with one hundred thousand Rupees cash.


CD Cover




            Lastly, I expressed that our national boundary has been encroached by our neighbours. We have to be careful to protect our boundary. We ourselves must preserve it. Nobody (neither America nor Britain or Russia) will come to protect our national boundary. So the education about our boundary elements should be provided to the School students as curricula, so that they will understand the importance of our border, sovereignty and integrity of our nation.


            As a recipient of the Letter of Felicitation Byakul Maila expressed gratitude to  the Everest English School for providing him the honour. He thanked me as well for handing over the brass plaque on behalf of the School. He expressed some kind words and an appreciation to me. He also expressed gratitude to me for releasing his CD Album. In the mean time he announced that the royalty how much he gets from the sale of CD Album will be donated to Chandeswori Higher Secondary School, Ramechhap. It showed his open heart and greatness.




            In the program, students of Everest English School presented packets of books as gifts to the students of the Chandeswori H. S. School. Kushum Pulami Magar on behalf of all the students of CHS School received the books.




            In the beginning of the program Bhakta Rajbhandari, Founder Principal of Everest English School welcomed all the guests, teachers, students, media persons and invitees, including the Culture Expert and famous writer Tejeswor Babu Gonga. He expressed happiness that the invitation of the School was accepted by the guests and invitees. During his speech, he highlighted the activities of the School. He was happy to contribute to the higher secondary school system of Nepal. Thousands of students have been successfully completed their education from the School and they are working home and abroad with their successful career. This is the pride and glory of the School. He promised that the School will always be dedicated to maintain the qualitative education to be provided by the School. He recalled the past story of struggle of the School for the last thirty years. He was never tired when there were difficult circumstances and situations in the initial stage of the School. Eventually, he thanked all those who helped to bring the School to this stage. He expressed, what he is doing is for the betterment of the students of the School at large and also to contribute for the development of education system of the nation.




            He was happy to present and provide many packets of the books to the library of Chandeswori HS School, Ramechhap. He recalled that the students and teachers of EE School with Byakul Maila had their education visit to the CHS School. They were highly impressed on the activities ofCHSS and they offered books for their Library. It is interesting and remarkable that funds have been collected from the EE School student’s birthday expense. Instead of distributing chocolates to friends of the students as birthday gift, the students would donate some cash to the School fund. And this fund was used to buy new and useful books for students and the books were used to donate to various schools.




            Founder Principe Bhakta Rajbhandari lastly expressed that he was happy to offer Letter of Felicitation to national personality Byakul Maila, on behalf of the School. It was a prestige of the School to honour such a national figure and distinguished person of the nation. He said the School will try to honour more eminent persons in the years to come as well.


            On the occasion, Bhanu Bhakta Shrestha, Chair person of the CHS School Management Committee expressed gratitude to Everest English School for providing packets of books, education materials and Letter of Appreciation and cash prize to Ms. Kushum Magar, the topper of the School. He was happy to welcome last year to the students, teachers and Byakul Maila as well.


            At the end of the program, Chairman of School Management Committee of Everest English School Ram Gopal Karmacharya thanked all those who were present. He said they were inspired by the gracious presence of the invitees and distinguished persons to enhance the capability of the School.




            In the mean time Ms. Kushum Pulami Magar spoke few words thanking the EE School for providing her Letter of Appreciation and cash prize.


            During the program, Bajrayogini Dance, Ratyali Dance, and Pom Pom Dance were performed by the School students. Songs by Shisir Yogi, Ms. Nisha Deshar, and Ms. Shreyeshi Chemjong had been sung in between the items of the program.







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