Priority to Capability than Identity

Priority to Capability than Identity


Deputy Editor of Gorkhapatra Daily Narad Gautam talks to

Border Expert Buddhi Narayan Shrestha

Published: 6 September 2014 (2071 Bhadau 21) First Page


In connection to formulate new constitution of Nepal, special attention should be given to federal structure and administrative forms. If we don’t pay attention to those items, future of our country will not be bright. It was the main debate during the first Constitution Assembly for complete four years that constitution was not promulgated. Hue and cry is growing also in the second (present) Constitutional Assembly.
In course of federal restructuring, we have to learn a lesson from Crimean case. Crimea splitted from mainland Ukraine and it was amalgamated to Russia. Nepal may bare the fate of Ukraine, if our federal structure or state restructuring is not palated according to our own physical construction, topographical condition and social structure of our country.

On the other hand there is a debate among political leaders, whether priority should be given to ‘Capability or Identity’ in connection to State Restructuring. In this connection, capability of the general people must come first, and then it is certainly the identity. Economic development for livelihood and capability of purchasing power of the people depends upon the capability. And capability generates automatically the identity of different sects and Janajati, habituated within the nation. For example, to show and preserve the identity of female Sherpa (Sherpini), it needs to buy Kimono Set, Jhimala, ornaments etc. It may need to spend more than 30,000 Rupees. If she is not economically capable to by all these expensive costume and materials, how can she show and present her Sherpa identity? Here lies the question, whether capability or identity. For this , she needs some economic capability to maintain her identity. However, identity must follow the capability; and capability drags the identity. ultimately, capability and identity must march hand to hand ahead.


I am confident that Constitution Assembly parliamentarians, political leaders and stakeholders of the constitution making bodies will pay due attention to this pragmatic fact.

Gorkhapatra 71-5-21

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